“I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man and woman to elevate their life by conscious endeavor.”

Henry David Thoreau


Leadership Concepts has served many individuals, including:

  • Executives, managers, and supervisors in businesses and corporations
  • Service professionals-consultants, accountants, attorneys, realtors, psychologists, designers, coaches and others
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Business and professional people in career transition and start-ups
  • Individuals with their own agenda for personal or professional growth

In addition, Leadership Concepts has served businesses from partnerships to large corporations. The following are a sampling of organizations where we have provided executive coaching, consulting, or training:

Tenet Healthcare Corporation
The Vanguard Group
ABM Industies
Boiron USA
Philadelphia Country Club
The Philadelphia Area Coaches Alliance
The Project Management Institute
DeWitt Capitol Management
Walker Events Group
West Chester State University
Widener University
Eastern University
Provident Mutual Life Insurance Company
Yellow Springs Farm Nursery
Many professional service firms

What are Clients saying about Leadership Concepts?

“This year I worked with Bill Morgan as my executive coach. His insights and questions have pushed me on to a higher level in my career. With his assistance I am able to respond wiser and more thoughtfully in business situations. He is a keen listener, not just to what is said, but what is unsaid and needs to be spoken. At times he pushed me, he encouraged me and other times he confronted me on assumptions and practices that limited my ability to contribute at my full potential. I felt the difference and it showed in my work performance this year. I would recommend Bill to the person who is wanting to grow and do a better job in their work.”

“Any professional who believes in the value of utilizing a business coach has already served themselves well. Working with Bill I have found this to be doubly true. His coaching practices along with patience and understanding have helped to guide me in building a successful and growing business.”

“Bill’s coaching services provided needed guidance, structure and motivation for me when I felt my career was stalled. I thought I needed to make a job change, but in fact was able to re-position myself in my existing firm and become more effective and more energized. Bill has an individualized client focus, and a variety of helpful ‘toolkits’ that he taught me to use. His flexible over-the-phone method of weekly coaching sessions made it easy to work with him while carrying a busy workload. The result has been more job satisfaction, more employer recognition, and better financial remuneration.”

“Even by the end of our fist session Bill was able to help me get a handle on some of the habits and traps that keep me from being more effective, more often. Now I feel much more confident about achieving my long term goals.”

“In the past three months I have made a number of changes in developing a strong personal foundation. Most importantly, I have settled on a career objective and I am working toward taking effective action to make my dream a reality. As far as the coaching is concerned, I am very happy with the work we have done together.”

“Bill Morgan helped me to shift from living a paradigm of fear, stress and paranoia to increasing my self confidence and learning to be more patient with myself and others.”

“Dr. Morgan’s coaching services are truly unique. Dr. Morgan helped me to identify critical areas in my life which were completely ‘out of balance’. Through a variety of different techniques and methods he helped me identify these areas. He then worked with me to develop long term and permanent solutions. This has helped me develop a personal and professional lifestyle that is more fulfilling and rewarding. I definitely would recommend this service to anyone needing personal or career coaching and guidance.”

“Bill Morgan’s presentations are superbly organized and highly interactive. They offer ideas for growth and achievement which are easily incorporated into our everyday lives.”

“One of the most important success skills you have is the ability to change your negative, limiting beliefs into strong, empowering beliefs. Dr. Bill Morgan’s highly interactive program, ‘Fitness for the Mind: Dealing with Negative Beliefs that Hold You Back’ did just that. Dr. Morgan’s 4-step process gave me a simple yet powerful way to successfully turn my negative beliefs into expanding beliefs. What a difference it’s made in my life!”

“I found the activities that accompanied Dr. Morgan’s presentation to be very valuable. They helped me to address a problem that had been holding me back in my business. As a result, a major shift occurred overnight and I had clear and positive sense of how to move forwards.”

“Dr. Bill Morgan is an inspiring presenter whose knowledge of and dedication to his subject radiate through every bit of his presentations. His talk entitled ‘Fitness for the Mind—Dealing with Negative Beliefs that Hold You Back’ was informative, instructional and interactive.”

Serving clients nationwide from our Philadelphia, PA area offices.