“Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.”


Our Approach

The Leadership Concepts executive, business, and career coaching approach is typically a four phase process designed to increase understanding and awareness of the client’s strengths, personality characteristics, and areas for development that impact on effectiveness.

Whether for leadership or career coaching, quality assessment drives the coaching process. Various data-gathering tools are utilized to develop a profile of the client’s strengths and potential areas of development, or important personality information as relates to career direction.  A combination of 360 interviews and psychometric instruments are typically used.

Meaningful feedback is provided in an efficient manner to help clients develop greater self-awareness. Through the assessment and feedback provided, clients develop greater insight, understand professional strengths and liabilities, and gain greater appreciation for how behaviors and practices impact professional effectiveness. In career coaching, this feedback provides important insights into career fit and potential directions for career development or change.

Individualized executive and career coaching facilitates learning from the assessment data, modifying behaviors and practices, and developing effective leadership, interpersonal, and intrapersonal skills. In career coaching, clients gain assistance navigating career transition. The coach and client meet on a regular basis to implement a personal action plan for change and development.

Follow up 
After the client has met the established objectives of the coaching, a series of follow-up meetings with the coach serves to reinforce and sustain learning, change, and ongoing development.

Through the process of developing increased self-awareness, creating and implementing an action plan for development, and participating in meetings with the coach, clients will be able to improve their effectiveness in their professional role, or successfully navigate a challenging career transition.

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